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  • contrarian2001 contrarian2001 Jul 28, 2012 8:24 PM Flag

    Outa ammo!

    " Enough to take a position in these uncertain times? For me the risk of NOT being in gold or miners is far greater than in cash, but I may change my mind in an instant if the situation changes - which it will."

    All those words of wisdom ... killed off with one sentence ... lol!

    Nothing like being a trader ... eh?


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    • In reality, most people around are both in stocks and cash, and any recipes especially ones involving individual portfolio decisions (buy and sell) are hardly applicable for everyone, often including the source of the prediction. Certainly, we all have positions in PM stocks and, accordingly, we expect something good right around the corner. However, investment success can come gradually while any message board prediction is more time-specific, i.e. these two notions cannot be identical.

    • Contra,

      As you well know the more uncertain the markets the higher the risk, and the level of risk is estimated by considering multiple factors. Sometimes I'll post a view that hasn't solidified, it's like a juggler with several balls in the air. I hope that someone will add another bit of info that will make one side or the other appear more likely.


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