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  • pioneerrubi pioneerrubi Jun 25, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    Crunch time for JP Morgan

    We have 3 more trading days in June to end up the first half of the year and also 3 more days until June 28th. This is the day that all June Gold futures contracts must be settled (or at least issued). JP Morgan so far this month has issued 4,946 notices which amount to 494,600 ounces of Gold. They claim to have 408,709.033 total Gold ounces in their inventory as of last night, this leaves close to an 86,000 ounce deficit between what they have already "sold" (issued delivery notices) and what they claim to have on hand.
    I might mention that Harvey Organ spent a couple of hours 2 weeks ago to go back to the beginning of the year to see if any Gold was reported to have entered their dealer inventory. Off hand he thought that none had entered and upon checking he confirmed that not one day so far this year has Morgan claimed to have received Gold for their dealer account. How can this be? We have 3 days left before deliveries are supposed to made yet JP Morgan sits with a deficit in their vault. This really does not make sense because if you issue a notice you have every reason and incentive to get it done as soon as possible. You receive cash for the Gold delivered and no longer have carrying costs so there is every reason to make the delivery as soon as possible because there is no gain whatsoever to waiting to make delivery.
    Oh yeah, "here he goes again" I will hear, but for what possible reason do you not make a delivery on a contract that you have already issued a notice on? I don't know of ANY reason, (maybe someone out there can help me) except for one. If you don't have the cannot deliver it. They have not reported receiving any Gold into the dealer inventory this year but they MUST receive at least 86,000 the next 3 days or how else can they make full delivery? And if they don't? Then what? Don't worry about's a #$%$ investment anyway so here is some cash, don't spend it all in one place?
    I really

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