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Rubicon Minerals Corporation Or Message Board

  • Has investor relations completely been shut down? No news releases, no updated pics on the web site. Just amazing to me that a publically held co could behave this way.

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    • isn't anyone else as torqued about the way this co is treating investors as I am, or is everyone happy to act like third graders and name call and insult each other. This used to be a board with some useful info and smart people. Its a shame what this board and seemingly the co itself has degraded into. Doesn't anyone here have any info from someone who knows someone's cousin who is dating the brother of a person who lives close to RBY. I think we could get some info from someone like that.. here's to hoping

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      • Brian, one should not rely much on message boards to get information and, especially, to make investment decisions. It is always possible to see investment relation problems, but it would not be fair to say that RBY information is not available.

        RBY is not a new guy on the block; it’s known for many years and it accumulated lot of information conveyed to investment community through press-releases. Yes, it doesn’t make too many releases now, but total number of them over years is very significant. Moreover, RBY is one of many other similar stocks (gold developers) and you can apply you general experience in market and in the sector to resolve issues that are still unclear.

        In other words, it is not a rocket science to find problems in a gold stock, but most of them can be solved and information is always available; it just requires order and method to do it quietly and, frankly, this board is not exactly a good place to do anything quietly. I suggest you to read recent (e.g. this year) company releases; they should help you to get clearer understanding of this stock.

    • It is playing into the hands of Goldcorp.

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