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  • bird_splitter bird_splitter Jul 14, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

    Earnings about 1 week away

    $15mm will be disappointing after management declared compounded accelerating earnings. We need a record q to keep us moving with the new product cycle kicking in. 50% quarter will not cut it. I have faith in management to deliver big as they usually do. With 7mm shares outstanding this could ramp very fast if we get close to $18mm revs.

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    • Q2 number is normally 5-10% better than Q1. This would put us at $15.8-$16.5M for the Q and between $.49-$.52 in earnings. Q3 and Q4 should be another $35M with $1.00-$1.10 in earnings.

      At the rate Silicom is growing, we will be at a run rate of $100M sometime in 2015.

      What are we worth then?


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    • if you recall last qtr we were down the 3 days prior to earnings... possible repeat? then blowout qtr.. we shall see

    • Not at all, the analyst is about right....Q4 is the one to watch along with Q3....The Q4 numbers might reflect accelerated growth....that would be nice, but the acceleration could also be over the next couple has been pretty up front so the tone of the call will be a good indication of where we are headed....

    • Regardless of the latest quarter's numbers the fundamentals of SILC seem to be very strong. Short term investors and or traders look at the latest numbers and react but long term investors pay more attention to fundamentals of the company. Practically all investors in SILC have profits in their positions now, some will sell at some point and some will hold with hope of much higher gains. IMHO, it will not make much difference what the latest quarter numbers will be, as long as the fundamentals are strong I will hold the stock. That approach has kept me in the stock since about 3 per share. I know I will not sell at the absolute high of the stock when the time comes to sell but I am willing to risk some of the gains for potentially more gains in the future as long as the fundamentals are strong. (IMHO, long SILC, do your own DD)

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        I will add that fundamentals will remain intact until we are out of the land grab mode the arena's silc plays in is over. I don't see the land grab mode ending til 2015 or later. Barrring a technology change or debut by a different company. Which so far, silc has been in the cat bird seat for innovation and first mover in the arena.

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