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  • janicen_98 janicen_98 Oct 21, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

    This is a ponzi scam

    There is no doubt about it.
    This is the only company I know that cant name one name of its *customers*
    The math in the books makes no sense
    Its a foreign company that can hide items mush easier than they can in the US
    They buy a company named Net Perform who resides in China and does not exists on Google search.
    I do know what they sell its called vaporware it isnt that hard to realize.

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    • You (janicen) are so wrong that is not even funny! You don't even know what a ponzi scam is! I doubt if you are able to short any stock yourself, you are most likely a paid basher and you most likely get paid by the number of posts you can come up with! I hope your master shorts many many SILC! Talk to sanjay (if you both are not the same person!), he left bleeding badly!

    • I agree with larry. If you are so sure keep shorting as it goes up. You'll either make lots of money or lose your #$%$

      Did you listen to the call?

      Did you research the company?

      Did you see the presentation on their website where you can get an idea of who some of their customers might be.

      As far as inventory. It's gone from roughly $18M to nearly $26M and now above $31M the last 3 quarters and they explained that they built it based on what their customers wanted and based on their decision since they have so much cash on the balance sheet.

      They want to be able to meet demand in an expeditious fashion.

      Do you know that one of the founders is the largest shareholder and is involved with many public companies and is well known in the IT world in Israel, sometimes even referred to as the Bill Gates of Israel?

      Go ahead, short at will. You can't lose.

    • The way out id the *inventory* increase-its a et up for bad news. All ponzi scams have to clear out-this is a way to generate the out.

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