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  • lexus_ls430_ultraa lexus_ls430_ultraa Nov 12, 2008 4:05 PM Flag

    Down 27% THANKS OBAMA


    Unions OWN Obama. They own Pelosi too.
    Watch for the next bailout round of money to go to the Car manufacturers.

    Funny. They just met with Nancy Pelosi, and the very next day announce that they are all going to go under without help from the Government.

    Be VERY VERY careful, as it is the run on the "Public Treasury" that is one of the last steps before the fall of a Democracy (which is then replaced by a dictatorship). It is happening before your eyes - see it - recognize it - know it - decide if you want to stop it.

    This isn't a Democrat/Republican issue, it is an AMERICAN issue. Both parties are making a run on the public treasury and both are equally culpable.

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