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  • the2004jackal the2004jackal Feb 24, 2006 8:54 AM Flag


    I do not currently own the stock, but as you can tell from my three previous posts I am exploring a potential buy. I would love to hear from others with both positive and negative opinions about the stock. However,please support your comments. For example if you think the pps is going to the moon please advise why or how you came to that conclusion.

    Thanks in advance to those who offer detailed opinions and or facts.

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    • Subj: Any time.Fwd splits, upgrades, buyout
      By: penlightsword
      Date: 02/24/06 12:29 pm
      Great Post. Thanks again! It is nice to get a veteran investor's perspective. You have a good weekend!

      You have sparked my interest enough to dig a little deeper this weekend to assess whether or not NSSC is a good fit for me.

    • I offer free advice, only $150 per hour.

    • My god, you're not buying Google or Berkshire Hathaway. Pls see my previous post on the company and look at their recent earnings report. Ignore rumors of mergers/acquisitions. And, above all: Don't rely on advice from internet meassage boards for your financial decisions.-:)

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      • Re: NSSC
        by: dr2_doom 02/24/06 09:43 am
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        I offer free advice, only $150 per hour
        Mr. Scottoo:
        This is a good example of what I was referring to in my first post to you. This is a message lacking in substance and is just a waste of time for people to have to sift through.

        While I am currently not a stockholder, I was thoughtful enough to share my initial research that I started this morning. The info. I posted from IBD, Vectorvest, and Barcharts is just a beginning, but geeeez others who are serious about investing hopefully will find it more helpful than rude comments directed at me, the newbie.

      • Subj: Re: NSSC
        By: scottoo_scottoo
        Date: 02/24/06 09:24 am

        My god, you're not buying Google or Berkshire Hathaway.

        Not only was the sarcastic comment above unwarranted, but in addition, I don't get it. As to your suggestion that I make financial decisions based on message board gossip; well, that is "baloney" too. It may be that this board functions differently than others, but I generally enjoy reading the boards to get a sense of current investor sentiment as well a variety of other benefits such as links to articles, links to resources I may have not been familiar with, facts I may have missed in my initial research, and strong opinions from both longs and shorts. However, instead of cheerleading or bashing I appreciate it when they take the time to substantiate their view point. For example, it is a waste of everyone's time to read a message that essentially says this stock sucks. If they feel that way it can be helpful to others if they take the time to support their hypothesis.

        I don't mean to ramble, but basically I like to read messages with substance; however, I assure you I take several variables into account prior to purchasing a stock. Unfortunately, I had to give up a practice before it even got off the ground good approx. 3 years ago as the result of a back injury. Trading is my primary source of income now. My wife has encouraged me (nagged) to pursue disability, but I am not ready to do that just yet. At this time, I am still holding on to some hope that I can somehow rehab myself and get better.

        Sorry so long.I mean you know ill will; it's just that you struck a nerve.

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