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  • tngood111 tngood111 Oct 23, 2008 2:29 PM Flag

    SO where is the bottom here...ZERO???

    This thing is selling off as though they are about to go bankrupt???

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    • I will SO be joyous of the day when the shorts get their A** handed to em on this!

      THOUSANDS of stocks trading at neg p/e's and this one is VERY solid, but gets crushed daily. Probably by the same FUNDS that were calling $200 oil and got MURDERED as oil fell from $146 to low 60's now. Screw em ell - they think this stock is a slot machine and I say it is not - It is a solid investment. I would LOVE to buy more, but I have no cash left for I have been buying over the last 2 months THINKING things can not get any frigging lower.

    • I FIGURED the hedgies were shorting the hell out of this over the last month with a plan to drive it back up prior to earnings. KUDOS to HBI for coming out ahead of schedule and saving us shareholders more grief from the hedge funds for three more days. I imagine they WERE very well going to try to get it to $10 with their back and forth trading to one another at OUR expense until next weds..

      SCREW the greedy pigs!! (but I am not bitter or anything)

    • Well, I am the only one that seems to post, but yes there is manipulation as well.

      My guess is earnings will actually be GOOD, but hedge funds are purposely driving this down so they can jump back long before earnings are announced. It doesnt help ME a damn bit, for I am simply gaining back loses.

      I will not sell, and am just being forced into this massive PAIN while a few hedge funds toy with my hard earned money!

    • It's got to be a horrific quarter. I thought the staples would not be impacted that greatly on a retail front; the problem with selling to Wal-mart and the huge retailers is that if they shift 20 % of sales to a competitor it's a huge revenue drop.

      Some posters are claiming this is all manipulation but it's got to be more than that. I was going to sell at $ 36 just about 4 months ago.


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