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  • alwaysnovice alwaysnovice Dec 11, 2008 11:03 AM Flag

    down 25%

    the fact that the enire market value of haines has dropped 25% in 3 hours tells you all you need to know about the irrationality of the market right now

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    • Yes, 37 was a bit much....I didnt sell (and was holding then) and still wonder why?

      But $11 is SEVERLY undervalued.....FAIR value on this is high teens....forward earnings, the brand name, and the "streamlining" shall we say warrants $18 or $19.

      $37...yeah, I dont know WHAT I was thinking...rational exhuberance, I guess?

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      • On 14th of december, I had predicted the price of 6. Please look at the above link. The reason was I visit the company regularly, and I am entirely aware of what is happening currently. Not that I have been correct always, but I have predicting about single digits when the stock was 37. All messages are displayed here. I have been buying since the stock has come down from 9 onwards (or downwards) and averaging it constantly. I will be selling everything on wednesday. Whatever the rate. In my opinion, there is no short position, the working of the company is not worse; just one scam in my opinion seems to be hurting everyone. People visiting the investors meet in New York should ask about this IT huge scam.
        Of course all in my opinion.

    • Dec 14 06:26 PM NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of Hanesbrands Inc., which is cutting jobs and closing plants, tumbled last Thursday (Dec. 11) while rival apparel maker Gildan Activewear Inc. warned of a lower first-quarter profit and saw its fourth-quarter earnings cut nearly in half.

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      Researching the stock farther indicates bullish activity like the insider holdings for the past 3 months. Competitive analysis also suggests a buy. Analysis ratings has been a strong buy.

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    • I stopped out at $14.62 the day before this DUMP, got a limit filled the next day at $12.32 (thinking it would take weeks to get back down there, if EVER) and today it is trading in the 10's again? Almost 33% in 24 hours with ZERO news...this WREAKS of jail time for SOMEONE (for it happens again and again and again). WHERE is COX - talk about someone being born under a sign!

      WTF - I dont know what to do with this stock anymore. I only buy in small increments now KNOWING I am going to have to average down (or make a small profit with a 2 point run up)because of WHATEVER forces at work with this issue.

    • Take a look at one of its largest competitor's, Gildan Activewear, earnings release today.

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      • 3 Million shares have been offloaded since morning and still some of you feel it is Irrational! In which world do you live? Look at my earlier posts if you have time. When big analysts were placing buy recommendations at 37, I had predicted single digits. Not that I am an stock market expert or a guru. However I have always written that all investors must talk to the company and ask about a Kerala (India) based IT provider who seems to be involved in huge scams at HBI. Again it is all in my opinion only. But look at my past messages and all will understand the truth behind it. Outsourcing seems to have become huge source of "extra income" for few. Add to it current economic conditions. I feel Hanes is very strong at double digit price. Ideally looking to what is happening currently at Hanes and Rich Noll becoming a pone of all outsourcing managers, the price should be in single digits only. Matt Hall does not have any idea of what is happening nor is he willing to talk to people who are ready to give him information about the scam. IMO of course. Summary: talk to the company and ask questions before investing any further, and then take a balanced decision which suits you. Keep an eye on headlines in near future about the Visa scam and SOX violation. All in my opinion of course.

    • Totally irrational. It makes NO sense for any value of anything to drop or increase by 25% in 2 hours.

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