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  • softpro34 softpro34 Jan 17, 2009 11:13 AM Flag

    Reasons for HBI at 11.

    Why is HBI traded so low? IMO The reason is surely not some people writing about what they think is scam, on this board.

    People writing on this board cannot control the market.

    1. HBI was recommended by major analysts and business houses.
    2. Excellent working.
    3. Management buys back stock
    4. Managements intention to enhance shareholder value
    5. Cost cutting measures
    6. Market leadership
    etc.. etc...

    No one can deny the above points. However,


    There is no manipulation; no naked short selling. Then what brings down the stock from 37 to 11? (and all this was predicted by me on this board, see past messages)

    In my opinion, HBI is down because of huge selling coming from "informed" sources. They perhaps know about the IT scam which we do not know. IMO The IT scam has much larger impact on the company than it seems. It can reach to a figure of 600 million. There are lots of dissatisfied people; true; however they cannot impact the stock price.

    IMO The scam is not fully coming out as people are not completed selling. HBI has recently made some changes. Are those changes sufficient with one supplier? NO WAY ! Till that one supplier is not COMPLETELY out of HBI, the stock price will constantly suffer.

    That one Indian company IMO has done most damage to HBI, and the morale of all employees. Plus there are serious doubts about their ability to manage HBI data and manage its privacy. Within the past two months, things were very bad, as they too know that now things are difficult for them.

    HBI IT outsourcing management had all the "proofs" about that one companies "inefficiency" and its "purpose" for being in the USA. And the purpose of the IT company is not IT! However other good companies suffered, still the "King Pin" "AK" of that company remains in total control. IMO he has made lots of money in "bringing" people to the USA.

    Till what time does the shareholders have to pay for such "inefficiencies"?

    What is the future of HBI? In my opinion, having known about HBI for so many years, I think its BRIGHT. Investors will eventually earn, once this scam ends. But till that time, IT outsourcing manager would have harmed the company lots for personal benefits and connections with one KERALA (INDIA) based company.

    They have a upcoming investor event on the 24th february. The stock has more chances of going up from here! As the management wishes to show its face to all investors. (Till 1st of march, when people will again start selling)

    So short term, I would buy HBI, and sell it at 14+. (Surely before 15) Just one classic case, why a enormously strong copany with great future and past, is down because of few scamsters.

    All in my opinion of course ! Goodluck to all genuine shareholders. :-)

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