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  • tngood111 tngood111 Jun 28, 2010 1:21 PM Flag

    Ash, ya give up on us?

    Dont be bitter about your short calls...geez! Its only money and havent ya noticed when you focus your energy on more important things than a single stock, things just work out? HBI is a goldmine, baby! I would not be risking being called away on short calls to pick up a little bit of premium? Every time it falls below 25, I just buy a little more ;)

    I have ZERO concerns on this puppy. In the long term and short term...who frigging I dont need the money today, and I suspect you dont either ;)

    Schwab news shows a price target of $35 by one firm, a strong outperform by another, and a simple buy by a third. A year ago there was very little coverage.

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    • Hey good, You see the investopedia article? I'm begining to be a believer again!

    • In fact, I am now bearish and will be looking at January puts on monday.

      GAME changer - they took their eye of the ball!

    • Taking on more debt is NOW a game changer. I dupmed all on the $2 pop that day and am NOW wondering about managements vision. New debt here is NOT the thing I would like to see! Now I am convinced they are moving too quickly before addressing the MAIN issue from the spinoff...paying downt eh ENORMOUS debt they inherited.

      BAD BAD move, in my oppinion. I now have a very different oppinion on how this company is being run after that *ickhead move!

    • Hey good, I'm about to give up on this puppy. You gotta admit it is not acting right considering it's earnings and potential. I think we're not looking at things like competition and the price of cotton. if the market drops this goes lower fron here

    • I haven't given up. I just spent two weeks on the island followed by two weeks on cape. My phone drown when I was at my mooring getting into the dinghy and fell into the ocean hard. I couldn't get back in the boat(too weak) so I pushed the skiff 60 yards to shore. It puts things in perspective. I agree Hanes is good, but I still wish I sold those calls when it was 30. It's going to be along way back!

    • One more thing. Life, is all abut underwear (by any name) and the new "bra" seems to have some fans. I am not an expert on the matter but I asked the question and listened carefully.

      The drop today was and is in my opinion a great buying opportunity. Say what you will, but most people who read this post or post on this forum are wearing underwear and that goes for every other forum on the internet (except for the Scots of course -humor)

    • Been watching this stock for quite some time due to a service I get. However, I waited until today to get in. I believe this is a ground floor price and I'm in. 23.75

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