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  • slashnuts slashnuts May 16, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    2nd Markman Ruling In GERS' Favor, Bad For REX...

    REX tanked $1.64 today as news spreads. The good judge ruled against ICM/REX defendants in the 2nd Markman ruling clearly in GERS' favor. REX's minority owned plants now face summary judgement in July and GERS is vowing to expand the litigation lawsuits to include REX's majority owned plants directly. More updates on the Greenshift skunk blog.

    REX minority owned plants are currently defendants in this patent infringement case and are clearly losing. REX will suffer millions in damages and could BK the company in my opinion. Meanwhile, GPRE is up another $1 today. GPRE is licensed with GERS and not infringing like REX. If REX goes BK this summer, GPRE could buy the leftover pieces for pennies on the dollar.

    Strong Sell...

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Then why has GERS dipped o $0.0025 per share? Four shares per penny. Doesn't sound like a company about to make a windfall judgement.

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      • Slashed Wrists is a zombie. YA Global specializes in extortion litigation...some kind of NJ legal extortion racket along the lines of "pay-or-our-lawyers-will-eat-your-earnings"...the industry is not knuckling under...consolidation of individual attack suits into class action and defendants about to counter-sue for frivolous. YA Global is the holding company (holding all the patents in lieu of payment for legal fees GERS ((((can't)))) pay...has other start-ups it is raping too, setting up for litigation, which seems to be its primary business model. #$%$, smashedbags, you are STILL a clueless loser schmuck and you always will be!

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