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  • ggeorgekallai ggeorgekallai Jul 10, 2006 12:42 AM Flag

    MA will go down in next few days

    I think this stock will pullback to $45 or below within next couple of days.

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    • 'can't win them all. at least not today.


    • You're the idiot. LOL. I'm up more than you think. It's not just here. But you're a dumbass praying for your puts. They're gonna expire worhtless. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      Dumbass parrot!

    • with all this fuss EdParrot must be correct! 'Looks correct to me!

      thank you EdParrot. i hope to save some money thanks to you.

    • The thing I hate about bashers is that they always seem to use profanity and never present any useful theories. If a basher would simply come out and discuss their position rather then calling us a bunch of assholes, then the situation would be much different.

      You get a lot further with sugar then you do with salt. You also avoid more trouble with sugar then you do salt.

      You call us assholes then we threaten you with lawsuits and criminal action. You sit on this message board, discuss your position intelligently and behave yourself, then you wouldnt find yourself in this position.

    • The pot calling the kettle black? That's obvious.

    • Ok Ed. I have a list of your suspected previous aliases right here in front of me. I will just have to keep sending them to Mastercard and the FBI. So maybe I am nutty, maybe I am an asshole, but I'll keep bugging the folks over at Mastercard and the FBI and your handles will be thrown up in front of them each and everyday.

      They may pay attention, they may not, but when a nutty asshole is sending them emails everyday, someone is bound to investigate. Its not hard for them to pull up info about you in a second due to our Patriot Act.

      Good day buddy!

    • Hehe. Believe me Ed. I do forward all of your posts to Mastercard Investor Relations and the FBI internet crime department. I do get replies back on each one of my emails. Someone might be monitoring you right now with your multiple ids and such.

      Believe me, Ed, people do get arrested for posting false information on Yahoo message boards and they do get sued in civil court. This isnt a joke, but a reality. How surprised was the guy below when he opened up his door to "FBI! Your under arrest!".

      Click on it, read it and enjoy.

    • You are a certifiable idot. i do have only one alias and i did own MA. hold your bag and call FBI and SEC and The President and your senator... maybe someone will refer you to your local sheriff to commit you. cry baby,cry. MA is bleeding!

    • Edparrot is not new to the Mastercard board. Right Ed? He has had many different aliases and constantly uses biting stinging attacks with profanity. At one point, someone was posting up a notice with all his aliases stating to report him to the SEC, FBI Internet Crime Department and Mastercard Investor relations. There was even an attorney who threatened to subpoena Yahoo for his real name on here.

      He went away for a little while under all these threats, but I guess he is back again. I am one who reported him to all of the links that were posted. I even got an email back from the FBI Internet Crime department and Mastercard Investor Relations.

      The best way to deal with our buddy is to simply not respond to him. He will, of course, constantly post his dribble. He may even create more aliases to respond to himself.

      I dont think Ed has any positions in the stock itself. He just likes to post profanity and such when the stock is going down. Believe me, Ed, you might want to take some of the posts threatening action against yourself seriously. I will post up a copy of the reply I got from the FBI and the stock relations department about you. Someone might actually take the report seriously and investigate you. You will become like that Long Island man and get taken to court.

      Good day Ed.

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