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  • lulunite lulunite Jan 6, 2012 4:42 PM Flag

    NO NEWS = Manipulation

    Are you in denial? Dude, this is dropping on ABOVE AVERAGE VOLUME. Rest assured, there is no manipulation going on here except heavy selling and its average Joe Blow selling, funds are dumping.

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    • Two sheep-heads from Janney, McCrohan and Depressor, downgraded MA and V to "neutral", the kiss of death for a high ROE growth stock.

      Their feeling is that consumers will trim debt creating a "sluggish" environment credit card companies in 2012.

      Nonsense of course because most people put everything on the card in lieu of using cash.

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      • MA is a good stock who reward the patient investors as it presents many opportunities to exit with profit and re-enter at a good entry point. Though the 1st line of support ~ 345 is broken, the next strong hold is well intact at 338.

        With several days of straight decline, I suspect the profit-taking is almost done and the smart SHORTS is starting to bail out of their nice short-term profit.

        We should see this stock to the upside in a neutral macro-environment. Unfortunately, there's European debt sales to worry about in the upcoming week. If predictions are correct, and their auctions flop, then we will see the entire market under pressure. If OK or better than expected conditions occur, I fully expect MA to be in the front leading the charge upward. MA moves heavily with consumer confidence numbers and with a somewhat predictable oscillating pattern upward. No stock goes up in the straight line, MA isn't under investigation and is primed to make a key reversal.

        I suggest wagering now for a key support level, or bet on it heavily towards later next week if you believe Europe will continue to crush the high fliers at the begging of the week.

        Strong Buy. Make your educated prediction on the oscillation of the stock price. Fundamentals have not changed and remains strong until near 400, then it'll be time to re-evaluate.

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