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  • mayerbci mayerbci Apr 7, 2012 12:27 PM Flag

    Credit Card Borrowing Falls; Car Lending Is on the Rise

    Does anybody really think the skies the limit for MA? Or AXP or V? At lest near-term. The markets will correct full tilt after the jobs report. Credit cards companies sales are notably falling in today's New York Times article based on Fed data. These are facts not opinion and MA will get double slammed. Not bashing just stating what I see to be a bad long and good short position.

    I wish I could comment positive comments on MA's stock price. But I cannot. Maybe they have some strategy or technology to take market share from AXP or V? I just don't know that. The only thing to make MA move up is a full tilt American buying bonanza and that's already burned out now.

    What makes it worse is the car buying tilt over credit card spending will dampen a credit card comeback. We all know when we get that new car we don't go on shopping sprees.

    Large funds will all be evaluating this stock through the week and most managers will reduce their position and doubtful a pro would touch it. Maybe if it drops 30 points or more but even then it coulds be a long summer for MA.

    Happy holidays to everybody. :-)

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    • You are ridiculous.

    • $80k put stake is real investing. Especially way in the money. It's day traders using 4 times their capital for one day that are clowns. and options buyers burying way out of the money options for .25 expecting a spike I price and they turn .25 into $10 a 40 times gain.

      I will go away like yesterday. The whole market is bipolar when earnings news and economic news is girating around.

      No reason to be so combative with me. We're all just trying to make some money and share ideas. If I said anything improper that offended you I apologize. I like to bust people's chops but always still stay friends.

      FYI, I am now neutral on MA. Not because of it's numbers but because it has the ability to spike up out of the blue like Monday. The crowd sets the price. But remember, when the crowd lease MA can tank.

      Good Luck

    • Another great call Ace. Big sell off today in the markets and MA was barely down. In fact it was actually green for part of the day. You stink as an Analyst.

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      • No doubt. I'm going against the crowd and am paying for it. Worst of all I'm down 26k and stuck on a 9 hour tourney to Edmonton for work. Today certainly was a shock for me and anyone honest long would say the same.

        As I said before I'm a loser but I know someone is happy and I like to know others are feeling good. My misery is so constant since 2008 it's not even misery. It's just being. But I know many of you are relived and that's a good thing.

        What can I say? I'm still sticking with my short-term bearish feeling on MA. I mean was a top gainer on no news but bad news and AXP and V dropped as expected.

        I guess I am a putz stuck on a plan to Edmonton for work because I lost everything in 2008.

        It's just in my blood to go against the crowd but when the crowd goes ahead you can't beat it. I lost my shirt shorting Internet stocks about a year before I would do had millions of shirts.

        I still think MA is spiking on reduced volume and it will catch up to it.

        OK I LOSE!

        Word to the wise ... Don't ever work on wall st because you might make lots of money but it sucks you in and in the end your broke, accomplished nothing in life, lost friend and loves, and end up empty and pining your life on things you cannot control. Gambling addicting steals you life and turns you into an empty sole.

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