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  • harvey_therabbit harvey_therabbit Nov 14, 2012 3:26 PM Flag

    I'm gonna be sick.

    Just friggin sick.

    I apologize to everyone. This is my fault.

    I have been on a bad run lately. Bringing good companies down with my bad luck.

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    • Somehow this became a political thread. PSEC is up today.

      Everything else i own is down.


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    • There are two sides to every trade. I added 1000 shares today. Time will tell. I bought this for the dividend...the cheaper PSEC is, the greater the yield.

      So, I am only concerned about the stability and security of the dividend.

      Look at TGH...I was harmed worse there today and may add to that soon.

    • Not your fault, it's Obama's. He basically said, my way or the hiway regarding his desire to raise taxes on his so called "rich". Is willing to drive over the fiscal cliff. His opinion of "fairness" may not agree with everyone else's.


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      • we've become an "obama"nation

      • Obama isnt going far enough, it should be both a significant tax increase on the wealthy and elimination of most all tax deduction on the wealthy to the point where the wealthy only get the same tax deductions as the middle class. The rich and the wealthy have enjoyed enourmous tax relief while the middleclass has not, in addition, the working poor that no longer pay Federal taxes, the middle class has had to pick that up, nothing was put on the rich and wealthy to pay for that. Globalization has changed the world as to where money is invested in, it goes where businesses will make the most money, geography independent. But perhaps the thing that is really hurting the economy the most are the baby boomers from the middleclass. They are retiring in droves, taking money out of the economy, meanwhile baby boomers like me that have retirement on the not too distant horizon, are now putting their dollars to work to invest them wisely, meaning dollars arent going into the economy. Jobs that have been created are low paying jobs, not on the scale that the baby boomers are making. So if the working poor are not paying Federal taxes, the middleclass is in decline, then there is only one other place to get revenue, that is from the rich and wealthy. If they say it will hurt job creation, then they need to be reminded of exactly how many jobs they were creating while 800K jobs were being lost when Obama took office.

      • Stupid stupid stupid. You lost schmuck accept it. Why isn't it the Repugs faul for refusing to tax the rich, not the so called rich!!! And anyway why are you in this stock to begin with.The only real reason to be in this stock or other REITS that are also being killed is for the dividend. This is not a stock to play the market with. So what if you are up or down, the dividend continues to come and in a few months or weeks or whatever the stock will recover. It's dropping because idiots like you perceive that if the 15% dividend tax goes you should cut and run from REIT's. But that's insane. If you are in a stock like this it's for the income. Well regardless of tax rates, and you didn't get 15% with PSEC anyway, the rationale for the income remains unchanged as the interest rates, as set by the Fed won't change for another couple of years. So try thinking with something beside your rear end and your failed Repug talking points.

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    • ...I'm now down 20% and HOLDing, stop crying in your beer, this too will pass AND rebound...

    • I sold most of my ETP to buy more of this....

      That was a poor choice.

      BTW, as soon as I sell this stock will shoot up 50%. I'll let everyone know right before I do it.

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