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  • mathmajor50493 mathmajor50493 Nov 19, 2012 3:00 PM Flag

    "In our estimation, PSEC is conservatively a $12 stock.

    We believe the recent sell-off is more of an opportunity than a concern for serious investors.

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    • Okay, who exactly are "We" in your message? Are you some kinds of financial gurus or just pumpers of the PSEC stock? No pun intended, just being curious.

      Well, I cannot rule out the possibility for PSEC to go up all the way to $12, especially without any deadline mentioned by you and the fact that the FED keeps printing money, sooner or later (probably later) PSEC has to reach $12 because the value of US dollars keeps dropping.

      The problem is in your Oct 25, 2012 message you had predicted:

      "Critical momentum surpassed. Technical indicators are a "go." Based on my graphing, we should see $12.20 before Thanksgiving."

      Well, you ONLY have two days left to make this happen but the chance for that to happen before thanksgiving, IMHO, is close to nil.

      Therefore, by Thanksgiving, you would be zero to one in your predictions. I used to have a lucky silver coin, I just threw it three times in order to predict whether the market will rise or drop on the next trading day (head for UP and tail for DOWN), so far it has close to a 50% correction rate.

      For PSEC to rise to $12 again (its previous 12-month high was 12.25) not only we have to solve the fiscal cliff but everything else have to be great enough to push up the market BIG time, I just do not see that happens any time soon. Sorry....

      Everybody should trade PSEC with extreme cautions.....

      It is not the time to take unncessary risk....or invest without a long-term strategy...

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