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  • jmkdog jmkdog May 7, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    Prospect Management/Individual shareholder

    Thank You for all the time spent addressing our concerns.
    Great questions and boy was John patient.

    I have never been on a call where they spent so much time LISTENING.

    I asked two short questions and both answered.

    To the Dr. You rock man! and all of you guys that asked, maybe you are here? Anybody who asked a q please respond in this thread.

    Management is going on offense to attempt to get the PPS up.

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    • I thought it was a job interview. and to much BS. I asked about the debt and that they need to digest there loans.By them doing all these loans earning per share do not come thru. I think they will keep doing what they are doing. It's like a person taking out a bunch of loans at once there is a better chance of him losing money on a downturn. A person who takes out one or two loans has a better long term out look especially if he keeps his debt low. They need to get earnings per share up. Then the stock price will rise. Call or write them about this. If enough people point it out maybe they will do something

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    • That was me (the "Dr." that was the individual shareholder asking questions about whether the management team was addressing and talking about the languishing stock price and if management was concerned enough to specifically address improving the share price. I do give the management team much credit for listening to the individual shareholder. Listening to the individual shareholder is practically unheard of under most circumstances. This is a really good company that is not being given enough credit by "the street," and hopefully, the share price will start to get the credit is deserves. Hopefully, we (individual shareholders) get to see stock price appreciation that is SUSTAINED STOCK PRICE APPRECIATION, as a result.

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      • Nice to meet you Dr. Hats off to you for your participation. Great comments.
        I also asked questions in relation to undistributed earnings and the increase in unrealized depreciation as it related to First Tower.

        Thanks for posting. I think management get it, they seemed truly frustrated with the "cost of capital" and this 12% yield.

        Have a great day Dr. K. My dad was also Dr. K. :-)

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    • $9.40 coming, 0.88 to book. Dow going to 13,700 by October. Maybe less.

    • So naive.

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