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  • rlbeard6734 rlbeard6734 Jun 4, 2013 1:44 PM Flag

    what amazes me

    are people that make generalized comments about everyone in the world such as
    1) real traders don't talk about their trades
    2)people with money don't spend their time on message boards
    3) everyone on MBs lie
    What this says is the guy saying it is a dummy that doesn't talk but he is posting and that he has no money and he lies. They are basically trying to discredit the other person by saying that only peons, liars, and idiots are on message boards but that is where they are. It is like slamming yourself, but it is a convincing argument that that person is an idiot and has no money and lies. lol.
    Those statements are so full of lunacy that it amazes me that anyone with a brain would ever use them, i.e. people that use those statements don't have brains.

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    • FYI, I trade stock, have several mill in assets and never lie on MBs. You can gauge sentiment on MBs, which is why I look at them.

    • You don't believe that anonymous message boards enable people to create fantasy personas? Read "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty", written long before the Internet ever existed.

      It amazes me that you believe everything your hero jade says. The same guy who, as has been pointed out by others, has been tossed from the board for excessive bull puckey and has to come back with a new handle.

      What I said about combat veterans is true. Getting them to talk about their experiences is more difficult than pulling a molar with a pair of tweezers. As for traders, I know that successful trading is hard work. Too hard to waste time on message boards. And I'm sorry, but they aren't the types who rejoice in others' losses. They know how easy it is to get bitten in this game.

      And again: you focus only on your boy's "right" calls and not his debacles. He's not a master of the universe, although he plays one on this board. Speaking of which, $10.18 isn't looking so brilliant now, is it?

      • 3 Replies to hillarys_c.ankles
      • I wonder how many boards hillary has been kicked off of, only posting under this name since may 29th 2013 all posts on this board and all negative all 42

      • again you are talking from personal experience of knowing all "traders", what is your definition of real trader (someone that doesn't frequent message boards) How much do you have to buy and sell a year to be a trader in your opinion then how many people do you personally know that do so? since you are talking for them. and all other traders. maybe successful trading is hard for you because you have limited vision and are too busy bashing others rather than learning. BUT back to the first two questions:
        1) what do you define as a trader (i.e. volume and dollars per year)
        2) how many do you know??
        Because I know that at the firm I am at, my broker is second in command, I pay no commission, and I am his firms second largest trader. So personally I think your statements are full of #$%$ with no substance. You have no personal experience at all except bashing and you personally know of no real traders.

      • and how would you know about successful traders and hard work??because you waste a lot of time on this message board disparaging Jade, I don't focus on Jade you do, i focus on your pettiness and wrongful statements. I don't like blowhards and you are one of those. Again all you post is #$%$ nothing of any significance. Do you know how to use the ignore button if his or my posts are so offensive to you. You out him for the things you are doing. I out you for this. Your whole history as far as I have checked it on this board has been #$%$ on Jade with out any credence in a lot of your rants. So why are you on this board??? I will wait for one response as so far you have not responded to any of my questions then You go on Ignore.

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