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  • jadelover888888888 jadelover888888888 Jul 23, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    Clueless pumpers

    Judging by all the valueless messages kept posting by all these anti-jade pumpers in here or other boards, if they are indeed investors who will buy and hold PSEC, it does not speak well for the futures of this stock or the overall market because they have total lack of loyalties and investment IQs, just busy running their mouths and when the timbers fall, they will run for cover so fast before you can blink your eyes. They are no long-term investors, just big-mouth speculators. None of them had said anything that was meaningful in this or other Yahoo board, everything came out of their mouths smelled like toxic wastes and their investment IQs approach negative territories. Even their anti-jade jokes are not funny, in short they better keep their day time jobs, especially when their net worth becomes zero.

    Both the market and PSEC has now reached a very crucial stage and it will not be long before I will watch the true colors of these pumpers when they suffer a lot of hurts from a market crash.....

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    • It is amazing that a lot of these pumpers had so much hatred and venom in their messages. If you do not believe me, try read some of their other messages posted in other boards, making them sound like escapees from mental institutions or serial killers. Wow, did they forget to take their medications?

    • You are the clueless fool. While you have been posting garbage I have bought psec heavily twice below 10.50 and then resold it above 11 plus collecting some dividends. Will buy it back on the next pullback. Currently am 97% in cash overall waiting for the next general pullback. It will not be a crash, though unless there is a BLACK SWAN event.........Keep your TBF and add to it as it rises, it will be a great long term position, the Fed will only allow rates to go up very slowly which will take time.........

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