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  • criminalmindscraft criminalmindscraft Aug 7, 2013 3:11 PM Flag

    This will be mid 11's after earnings

    Book is up in the eighties
    Earnings recovering from asset sales
    quality of assets improved and continue to improve
    rising interest rates leading to HIGHER profits as borrowings under revolver are ZERO,

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    • Right on the money!! Nice call

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    • God Bless America

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    • criminal, I know I am going to get hit for this but I think it will check out 10.50 prior to earnings, but above 11 after earnings is a given whether it is immediate or two years after. I think you need to qualify that a little to make it measurable. lol. I also don't see NAV moving up in the eighties? what would cause it to move that much, I think they gained 4 cents on the bad loan they sold but other than that loans don't inflate in value they only degrade. They don't have enough equity participation loans to do much in NAV increase and they more than likely won't earn enough over the distribution to gain more than 2 cents at most so I think mid to upper 10.70s region is the best you can hope for. building up hopes beyond that will lead to disappointment and downward stock price. They are still selling a lot of stock some below book to make the loans they are making and that will hurt NAV also. I think that if that last statement is accurate then they need to be taken to the woodshed as they should never sell stock below BV, they should quit doing loans. I also don't like their diluting my retained earnings, i would rather they pay them out as made and as I have to pay taxes on them.

    • Poppycock and balderdash!

    • My goodness, what kind of a pumper are you? A pompous and lazy one? Have you even looked at the BDC sector and observed what happened to all these BDCs who had just announced their earnings yesterday and ALL got hit HARD?

      KCAP was down 25% at one time today, currently still down 12.25%. Why? It is because their NII was only 20 cents last quarter and they paid out a dividend of 28 cents. How long do you believe they can keep on paying their HIGH dividend.

      Even ARCC, one of the BIG boys among BDCs, was down 3.3% today after they announced their June 30 earning also on yesterday, with only a yield of 8.82%.

      Both TICC and AINV also got hit hard bad. TICC also announced its earnings on yesterday. AINV may have troubles in maintaining their dividends.

      As a matter of fact, there were about two-thirds of BDCs on my BDC watch list that are in the RED today. Do you really expect PSEC will have a much better earnings than all of them?

      PSEC had dropped below its recent NAV of 10.71 earlier today, reached its daily low of 10.71. Now I do have to give it credit since it bounced right back all the way to its daily high of 10.92, currently traded at 10.86. Who do you believe doing the buying? Investors or pumpers like you? If you ARE so confident in what you said, did you buy any at around 10.70 today? How come you did not buy any but were so busy pumping the stock?

      PSEC's 200D MA is 10.93 and 50D MA is 10.86 according to Yahoo, if it fails to close above 10.86 for a few days, I believe it will be on a downward trend. The estimate for PSEC's next quarter is about 0.31-0.32 (0.28-0.32 according to others), not necessarily bad, but nothing to get excited since it is paying 0.33 of dividends.

      You NEED to stop pumping the stock when you just made up something based on thin air.....

      P.S. Wow, PSEC closed at 10.83, which is below both of its 200D and 50D MA mentioned by me. If this continues, watch out....

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      • "Have you even looked at the BDC sector and observed what happened to all these BDCs who had just announced their earnings? "

        Please do not CONFUSE MREIT with BDC, tia.

        Triangle Capital... TCAP 29.20 +0.10 (0.34%) 804.85M 0.00 29.2 29.2 29.2
        Main Street Capital... MAIN 30.56 0.00 (0.00%) 1.06B 0.00
        Fifth Street Finance... FSC 10.78 +0.06 (0.56%) 1.30B 0.00 10.77 10.78 10.75
        KCAP Financial Inc KCAP 8.89 +0.06 (0.67%) 292.72M 0.00 8.75 8.87 8.75
        TICC Capital Corp. TICC 9.67 +0.08 (0.83%) 508.08M 0.00 9.67 9.67 9.65
        Ares Capital Corporation ARCC 17.29 +0.02 (0.12%) 4.64B 0.00 17.44 17.4688 17.273
        Golub Capital BDC Inc GBDC 17.75 -0.09 (-0.50%) 599.14M 0.00 17.8 17.96 17.75
        Gladstone Investment... GAIN 7.23 +0.01 (0.14%) 191.42M 0.00 7.23 7.23 7.23
        Full Circle Capital Corp FULL 8.05 -0.01 (-0.12%) 60.93M 0.00 8.05 8.05 8.05
        Stellus Capital... SCM 14.81 0.00 (0.00%) 178.70M 0.00
        Solar Senior Capital Ltd SUNS 17.87 +0.19 (1.07%) 205.84M 0.00 17.87 17.87 17.87
        Solar Capital Ltd. SLRC 22.29 +0.06 (0.27%) 1.01B 0.00 22.4 22.4 22.26
        PennantPark Investment... PNNT 11.35 +0.08 (0.71%) 754.21M 0.00 11.47 11.47 11.3401
        NGP Capital Resources... NGPC 6.43 +0.06 (0.94%) 135.16M 0.00 6.43 6.43 6.43
        Apollo Investment Corp. AINV 8.05 +0.12 (1.51%) 1.81B 0.00 8.04 8.05 8.0177
        American Capital Ltd. ACAS 13.38 +0.26 (1.98%) 3.88B 0.00 13.25 13.4 13.22
        Prospect Capital... PSEC 10.89 +0.06 (0.55%) 2.65B 0.00 10.92 10.92 10.87
        New Mountain Finance... NMFC 14.54 +0.17 (1.18%) 455.15M 0.00 14.51 14.53 14.51
        MVC Capital, Inc. MVC 12.69 0.00 (0.00%) 295.06M 0.00
        Blackrock Kelso Capital... BKCC 10.24 +0.05 (0.49%) 760.23M 0.00 10.24 10.241 10.232
        Compass Diversified... CODI 18.13 +0.03 (0.17%) 875.68M 0.00 18.13 18.13 18.13
        KKR Financial Holdings... KFN 10.63 +0.07 (0.66%) 2.17B 0.00 10.58 10.62 10.58
        THL Credit, Inc. TCRD 15.54 +0.18 (1.17%) 409.10M 0.00 15.51 15.549 15.4801
        Fidus Investment Corp FDUS 19.56 +0.12 (0.62%) 267.96M 0.00 19.56 19.56 19.56

        Looks pretty good, not sure #$%$ you are talking about but why break the trend.

        You are ALWAYS posting Bull, so keep doing so

        Sentiment: Strong Buy


        Jade those earnings look AOK to me..

        PSEC has made some EXCELLENT investments and GROWN a lot this fiscal year.

        You should BUY THIS NOW!! or once again miss out. Had you STAYED in @ 10.61 back in NOV of 2012, you would have collected near 1.00 per share and .25 cents in PPS appreciation.

        But like a dummy you sold and placed all your money in MTGE, wow BRILLIANT!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Daily low should be 10.70, which is one penny below its recent NAV of 10.71.

8.48-0.03(-0.35%)Aug 26 4:00 PMEDT