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  • jadelover8888888888 jadelover8888888888 Sep 3, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

    I told you all to sell @ 11.43

    Now look you have lose nearly 3 months of your precious dividends. What do I have to do, break bottles over your heads? I just want everyone here to not be fools. The Pumpers here are out to trick and deceive, they continually post to buy yet the shares they own are on sale via the prospect atm.

    My TBT, DXD, TFT, FAZ and all my other winners are making me wealthy beyond belief and makiing it easier to post here with pride and courage. I walk alone but am always here to lend support and advises to my interweb investment partners.

    It may be too late as I just heard a report that a missle was launched at seria, There was also an earthquake in Tokyo nearr my home country of china. Markets all over are collapsing

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    • Another sterling call, Jade. People should follow your advice... if they want to lose money.

    • I would rather the price remain low so my dividends reinvest to by me more shares. Who cares about an unrealized loss? Wait a minute, I don't even have an unrealized loss, cause me cost basis is much lower then $11.29. I'm sure your making way more money then me, but I'm not stressin. I'm happy to read our comments and be entertained.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I once listened to a fool who told me to sell my 100 shares of TNH AT $20 PER SHARE BECAUSE THE 10% DIVIDEND WAS AT RISK. I did and bought GIS . GIS did o.k After all I had $1400 in TNH AND DID NOT WANT TO LOSE IT! That 600+ - profit At the time was good. Had I Ignored the fool I could have sold TNH at $25,650 after getting several years of more than that little 10% starter divy at TNH. At the time I had wanted to buy another $5000 of TNH but asked my good friend should I buy more? i listened to the fool, he was always telling me there is no free lunch high yield stocks always drop to zero/ He would sell a stock if the price dropped 5 or 6 cents. Latter I found out he was always at casinos gambling, he lost his house. He still owes me money i loaned him for such good advice to sell TNH. Make your own choices about investments and do not worry about Tokyo and Godzilla eating the Tokyo tower there? PSEC is a good stock it will go up and down, however in the next movie Godzilla will eat the same tower again. However PSEC will also be paying a dividend I think I will buy more as I do still have a house. I try to stay away from casinos like DXD OR GOLDEN NUGGET OR ECT. Sure and sane advice ? Invest do not gamble, IT IS A good way to keep the house!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • blair.wagner Sep 6, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

      As a holder of PSEC, I would encourage all to sell their shares immediately. Why? I want to buy lots more
      at a lower prices. So get with it!

    • povertysucks Sep 5, 2013 2:44 PM Flag


      If you don't know what to do with your brain, then give it to me. I know what to do with it.

      The Pied Piper has spoken.

      aha ha ha.

    • Certainly you must be mistaking those on this board with people who give a flying rat's ACZ what you think. Furthermore the monthly dividend you would lose covers more than half the minuscule difference in your sell call and where it is trading right now. Please do everyone a favor and jump off a tall building. TIA

    • Ignore this imposter. He not even knowed to spelled Siria right! Only I the real Jade had receive CERTIFICATE OF EXCELENCE in English Grammer from Chinglish University specialize in agreement of verb tenses both future and pasts. The louvre in my name reflect clarrity of my investment vision.

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