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  • deeregrey deeregrey Oct 1, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    Finally this POS is green...

    first green in many days, what a POS stock.

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    • I wouldn't buy this stock for capital gain. Likely this will keep taking a hit with the shutdown and the upcoming debt ceiling. I am hoping it goes down some more, so I can buy more shares... unless the US defaults on its debt, then I'll be poor like everyone else.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • The only ones who think this is a POS stock are the ones who bought at 11.50+.

      I was lucky enough to get into this stock when it fell under $9 back in August of 2011, and it has been the gift that keeps on giving. They've increased the dividend every month for 39 consecutive months and have already announced the dividends through the 1st Q of 2014. I'm too lazy to try and pick the short term tops and bottoms for this stock and as long as they don't cut the dividend, I won't reduce my position.

    • `If you own the stock you are essentially calling YOURSELF a piece of #$%$ for picking her lol. I got a huge check on Sept 18th and another one will come in 2.5 weeks.. Thats why you own Prospect

    • YOU change your name to POS and just Short PSEC and pay my Dividends

      Sentiment: Buy

    • All of the BDCs are having a rough time right now, and it could get a lot worse come debt ceiling time. PSEC went down 11% during the debt ceiling stuff in July 2011..............

    • deeregrey;
      I look at PSEC quite differently, probably because I bought it for different reasons than you or others may have had when you purchased it. I am looking for sustainable, (and hopefully growing), dividends. In that regard, PSEC meets my expectations extremely well and I consider it one of my best investments because of the dividend, which I believe is sustainable. I have no expectations of much capital appreciation since it is a BDC and pays out most of its earnings as dividend. I also don't get too concerned when they have a SPO because additional capital is one of the essential components to their growth. While I like share appreciation as much a the next guy, for an income stock such as PSEC as well as other BDCs, it isn't essential; the dividend is.
      Wishing you well

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