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  • idontknowyoudontknow idontknowyoudontknow Jun 13, 2014 11:02 PM Flag

    what happened? flow

    a year or so ago this stock had few followers, was rarely on the news feeds, and almost never had any public comment. What,s changed? Other than the NICK related regulatory news, which played out as one of the options the company laid out... NOTHING.
    Share volatility seems to have gone up with each tidbit of opinion posted someplace, no real news just folks opining on what could be. I appreciate the opportunities that arise from these moments, waiting for the opinion driven speculation to run its course taking action as I see fit...

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    • you are totally ignorant of what is happening? the news is there and it was a bad loan that went bad only 2 yrs after making the loan. That is bad loan origination. it cut NAV by 12 cents. Are there more to come and when? this is not due to message board opines, that is a unintelligent comment. There are a lot of warnings by many analysts being opined not MBs. You are ignoring the signs and blind to how this company works, imo. These are material events, the real question is are there more and when will they show up?

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      • NAV has not been cut by .12c, you must have read basher Galler's article which was totally misleading. PSEC has a current loan portfolio of over 6b, 44m isless than 1% of that. Also, who knows what psec will get out of the bankruptcy proceedings?

      • Hey're an have no idea of the quality of their loans...stay off this board you bonehead. Go back to your chocolate milk. Imbeciles like you are sold your miniscule amount of shares at the bottom of the flash crash didn't you??

        Sentiment: Hold

      • And therein lies the risk for most BDCs: "the real question is are there more and when will they show up?" This is the first problem of this sort facing PSEC since I've owned the stock, almost 18 months. I was aware of the potential for this to happen when I invested. It's the main red flag to watch out for in any BDC but if you're comfortable with the risk for the higher return and you can afford to hold during it's ups and downs you can sleep at night. As with one's personal portfolio the BDC sector spreads the risk tolerance around with diversification and not being too overweight in any one position.

    • Got to love it, a bunch of nincompoops and ninnies are at it again. We are back to $10.60 into x-dividend date,. take it to the bank. Great stock , great co. Long and Strong.

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