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  • capitulation_plus_carnage capitulation_plus_carnage Oct 21, 2002 10:50 PM Flag

    Chart Broken down technically ; Cheer

    Sorry, My comments were not complete. Invest in a style which suits you. I'll admit I'm no genius who started with $10,000 and made a $1 million+ a yr. later like some guy did in LA. Yes, it's documented in Forbes or a cousin magazine about 2 yrs ago. Funny though, he got out just before the big crashes of 00'. He was a "trader". He amazed quite a few of the trading authors and big money people.
    Anyway, CANSLIM worked in bull markets, not the current bear we're in. I'll never fall in love with a stock again. I'll read the charts, write some covered calls, and hold intermediately good companies. I'll never trust mgmt again. I'll look at fundamentals and "technicals" more than anything. After hearing everything that's unprecedented , well it bound to come with time.

    This a the longest Bear Market after such a long Bull market.

    Number 1 rule
    "Limit your losses at all times".

    Number 2 - "Capital appreciation"

    Or Vice versa