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  • pinvestment pinvestment Feb 15, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    sounds fine to me. nice reduction in drilling cap ex. same with the other larger producers

    production gains will slowly disappears and then shrink. the longer nat gas stays in the low 3s the higher it goes later. this might take a little time to pay off but in a year or two when nat gas is $5 then UPL will be much higher than it is now

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    • Are you the same pinvestment that posted on the Elan IV board a few years back? Either way, welcome.

      The conference call was subdued but encouraging.The management team is doing all it can to do well with what it has and with what it can control.I am pleased enough to continue to hold and to wait for the fundamentals of natural gas to express higher prices down the road.I'll admit, this is taking longer than I expected, but i am willing to wait. Good luck everyone.

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      • yes. same one. worked in some public biotech companies so I refrained from much comment on biotech companies. I think certain nat gas companies are great opportunities for the next few years. What is strange is that the bigger independents like DVN and PXD soared in the last few months while some of the smaller less oily plays have gotten beaten up. Market sells UPL because the production was less than expect by 1 BCF. Seems stupid. I would rather they don't produce their cheap reserves for cheap prices. In a year or two 4.50 -5.50 per MCF makes much more sense. I like WPX also but sold the above mentioned PXD and DVN with a 20% one month gain earlier this week

    • Did you by any chance see the stock price of UPL and many other NG players when NG was $5? This is a waiting game.....This management team is very savvy, and UPL is the lowest cost producer of NG- so my best advice is to do your very best to filter out all the negativity , ignore so much garbage and accumulate . This is not brain surgery. Its fairly straight forward and linked to NG prices. When it recovers, so will the value of many good companies including UPL.......JMHO D

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