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  • joysteps joysteps Sep 22, 2011 2:06 AM Flag

    Blow away quarter

    Upfront payment from Bayer will blow away the analysts estimates for Q3 and
    2011. Watch out for earning surprise...

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    • Good hint for newcomers :)

      Sofinnova Ventures have got these guys in their portfolio. Sofinnova has a decent track record of their investments & Amarin (AMRN) has been in their portfolio (they're partially selling the stock on the way up)

    • I wish it were "my board" but alas I am only following and have invested in TSRX. Lot's of info posted on the company on Edgar, FDA and the company website makes TSRX easier to diligence than most stocks. Would love to get more of it but thin float makes that difficult. Buying on the dips.

    • Thanks for the reply rashman,

      I was only speculationg until I got better information from someone on your board (as you just posted).

      There has been an on going fight back and forth on our message board about current management inPOLYMEDIX "screwing the pouch", so to speak with our long and tedious trek through trials.

      So, when I mentioned in a recent post that your company appeared to have gotten to phase 3 in such a short time (looked like 2 years at first), some came back with the same old blasting management and others informed me that your company had probably been at it a bit longer.

      NOW I KNOW!

      Thanks again,

      Tim ( POLYMEDIX)

    • SEC and FDA filings show that the company was formed in 2007 and started Phase 1 in 2008. Rudimentary math indicates that clinical trials started 3 years ago. Phase 3 started last August. Where do you get 5 years?

    • Okay, you fellas, excuse me, posters don't have to answer my question about time frames and Phase 3 now. One of my (actually 2) of the posters at POLYMEDIX pymx.ob sent me a message and told me that you guys have had your named changed 2 years ago. Otherwise, it would have shown you have been at these trials for easily 5 plus years, if not longer.



    • Just happened to notice your companies movement through trials at a pretty quick pace. Already in Phase 3 and you've (TSRX) been going at these trials since maybe late 09?

      Seems like a pretty efficient move through an otherwise SLOW process. Anybody like to comment on how this has happened so quickly. From a very curious investor in another such BIO-TECH that is in Phase 2 of yet another MRSA eliminating drug as well.

      Thanks in advance for the information. By the way, POLYMEDIX is my company.


    • Trius always release slides from presentations - usually a good summary with the progress achieved. I think they'll repeat the phase 3a data will be published early '12. However, I expect, the ultimate date will be before '11 end. (For a long term investor it doesnt really matter)

    • i'm sorry Mark was right...

      Jeffrey Stein, president and chief executive officer of Trius, said," Completing the enrollment of this Phase 3 trial represents another important milestone for Trius as we are the first company to conduct such a pivotal trial under the new FDA guidance for ABSSSI. The completion of the trial is a testament to our team's ability to execute on a challenging new protocol and will allow us to report results in early 2012."

    • first profitable Q ever? Well the global hit has hit the stock....but looking at numbers - 180 mcap & the Bayer deal ex Europe & US...with Phase 3a ended & 3b starting and funds having till '12 end.... nice mix :)