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  • numbers4sale31 numbers4sale31 Feb 15, 2012 12:19 AM Flag

    Trius Management going to be getting a serious phone call from Piper and Citigroup if this b**ch drops below 5.25. At that point, they start losing thier investment and the screws tighten on thier options.

    I expect some news, even if its BS, withn the next 24 hours.

    I'm no loger in TSRX, but I still think they have real potential Problem is, the IR dept isn't capitalizing on the momentum of a better financial picture. Until they wake up, I'm staying out unless I see it go to 5.15. After that, somebody is losing a job if they don't work on pps, and things will pick up.

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    • Did you call them? It worked.

      • 1 Reply to siamesekitty711
      • Didn't call them, but I can imagine that somebody did. 5.25 should be the basement here. Anything less is putting a lot of very important investors in a real bind over recent agreements. Trius owes it to their big investors to share their progress and benchmarks in a public and timely manner. Science is nice, ROI makes it possible. Nobody invests for altruistic reasons. Their recent offerings wouldn't have given them the money to move ahead without a reasonable pps. That said, I don't expect them to invent pps increases out of thin air or made up stories but I do expect them to defend the pps with all their might. Just give investors the truth, on a regular basis. We shouldn't go months without so much as a press release on positive developments. It stagnates the stock and makes future investors reluctant to join in. TRSX is going places. They should mention it from time to time.

    • If it drops to $5, I'm reloading heavily.