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  • When I first bought this in the fall of 2010, it did the same thing. It went down EVERY DAY for the last two months of the year. I started buying at 5 and ended up buying at 3.99. I thought it would never stop.

    But then the selling stopped and it went up fast starting near the end of December. It really seems the same right now.

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    • I agree it's been hard to stomach this stock lately, but I think there's a reason behind the drop. TSRX is down ~35% year-to-date. If I'm a fund or retail investor, I'm claiming my tax loss in December to minimize my capital gains and re-purchasing in January for the run-up into phase 3 data around March. Remain calm, but the fundamentals remain intact. I will watch through the rest of the week to gauge if we are done bleeding and try to average down.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Fundamentals mean squat if the SP can drop so percipitously on nothing negative. No disrespect Brandon but averaging down has got to be the worst advice anyone could offer. The technicals point to a dead end game and by March you could fully recover in many other equities. If the volumes weren't as high on this take down I might be less concerned but obviously we're being bled to death waiting till March. $4.74 was your target where? $1.99 Actually there is none. I knew this laggard was a psychopathic investor killer.
        Averaging down on my holdings of TSRX.