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  • naked_finger naked_finger Jan 30, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    I point to the naked truth

    TSRX is going down below 5.00 , trust me, I have been dealing with the Biopharma for sometime. dilution at 4.75 means more cheap stocks out there. Also TSRX does not have valuable cancer drug, it is antibiotics ... cheap ....

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • a course of Vancomycin sells for about $425/course and it barely works for C-diff and has high intolerances. TSRX's drug requires one week of treatment and targets new resistant bacterial strains. Where's the hype?

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      • afriendofthedevilsafriendofmine afriendofthedevilsafriendofmine Jan 30, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

        Quick correction.

        While PO vanco is used for C diff. that is kind of beside the point here. The Trius drug is targeted for MRSA and eventually should replace IV vanco and Zyvox. There is no other antibiotic being developed now with more promise. The market is huge and growing. The only debate is how fast it will gain market share.

        Near term, the recent stock offering could put pressure here. A little longer term, I consider Trius very undervalued. Trying to time this is a fool's errand. To the poster who knows biotech and anticipates the slide below the offering price, when have you seen a stock sell three times normal volume at 10% over the offering price just days afterward? That was unanticipated!


    • KERX is flogging orange flavoured table salt and look at their SP. It's all about the hype. Why would you sell now if news is coming...unless U know it's bad? Vol has subsided which means either no one is selling or no one knows about this equity. We could get a huge rally based on little info available and potential could be far greater than we're aware of. KERX was the same. Ferris Citrate has become the new viagara of stocks. Two weeks ago it was like, well TSRX.