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  • tigrdog3 tigrdog3 Feb 6, 2013 11:22 PM Flag

    How ahr yu gentlemen....

    Right on!! I'm in goot company

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    • tigrdog here is a thought or wishful thinking Biogen Idec will pay $3.25 billion in cash to Elan upfront and commit to future contingent payments...Elan needs to buy something with all its new found fortunes and TSRX is ripe for pick’n I also like SGYP for a buyout..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Nice...well we shall see. I generally tend to avoid the 'buy out' input in a position,....sorta like a luck hooodoo, but no secret I would jump up and down!! :)
        O/T..btw....I decided to pull the trigger also on a flyer...Mr MJNA,....I like the sector and the company itself,..strange and real possibilities looking at the national pressure trend [see colorado etc] and this president, they also have profit...already,. I don't know;;;meh, why not. And I DO weigh out the ethics of such investments as well, which had a bearing on my getting away from GLU Mobile and their blood and guts gaming, which I decided I wanted no part of.