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  • expatriot08 expatriot08 Feb 7, 2013 7:45 AM Flag

    is it March?

    Anyone know off hand when phase III results are expected?

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    • well actually part of phase 3 has already been successfully achieved. (according to the company's research, indicating tedizolid phosphate shows a resistance rate 16x slower than that for linezolid, the active ingredient in Zyvox, and has even shown effectiveness against bacterial strains that are linezolid resistant.) Zyvox is Pfizer's $1.3Bil baby and costs $115/pill. TSRX requires less doses and a shorter treatment period so will prob. kick Pfizer's #$%$
      IV indications for phase 3 are what we're waiting for.

      In the meantime waiting for FDA you may want to check out some of those medical marijuna plays...#$%$ long known to have antibacterial properties against methicillin resistant staph. and is much cheaper not to mention more enjoyable to take. Take it big pharma will fight legalization tooth & nail on this one.

      An interesting study in the Netherlands have shown that with the banning of most antibiotic use in that country with the exception of life threatening indications, they've been able to eliminate many of their resistant super strains in a relatively short period of time. That bodes well for our American myoptic medical thinking.