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  • chimakot chimakot Feb 12, 2013 8:29 AM Flag

    New seekingalph article

    It's a very good read....I like the author's potential price targets...$50-$200, a share. Now would you take that? I thought so.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Pumper artical

      • 2 Replies to drcas
      • He provided balanced points to the bull and bear case, however there isn't a whole lot of bear case points, so most articles will seem "pumped." Maybe beaverlicker should write a Seeking Alpha article.

      • drcas, welcome aboard. There is a doctor posting somewhere on this board (he must be in surgery now). We make a fine mix to provide well-balanced review for NOOBS (some might wonder about the giddyness and dry humor, but they should know that we know that this is likely going to appreciate significantly, it is just a matter of when). We have a doctor, a truckdriver (maybe), an IT specialist, a cat (me), and a busy beaver w/ brandon.

        I found the artical to be very informative and matching much of the DD that I and Brandon had done in the past. The comparison with the PFE drug is pretty much spot on with regard to potency, resistance, advantages, etc. There is great interest in this company and the new trial data we are waiting for should confirm. The share price targets may have given it a pumper slant. I think we see double easy and possibly around $20 at some point. A buyout could change it all of course. :#3

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Great article, but so ware the others bfr.this one. Thought this part was interesting "Pfizer announced that it is relocating its U.S. antibacterial research units to Shanghai, "though the scale and timescale remain unclear," wrote Livermore, a member of the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Since 2008, Merck and Novartis have disrupted antibiotic-research teams by shifting the locations of research units, and AstraZeneca eliminated a large antibiotic-research lab. "It is hard to see how such disruptions encourage the retention of scientific expertise," Livermore wrote
      I wonder why all their research is moving to China you may ask?
      cause in UMERICA, POT is HOT

    • I'm sure he's buying TSRX off his readers at that price. I saw what SA did to MJNA and am no longer impressed with their editorial integrity. POT is no longer HOT )-8 I use them for entertainment purposes only.

    • Very good read about the safety potential of the drug and its cost savings over competition yet significant revenue generating potential. Past SA prints have stated most of what this blogger states but he quotes some very positive comments from several clinicians. Time will tell but at $5 PPS its a cheap option on a potential 40X return on your investment at $200 PPS.