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  • tkash0129 Feb 13, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    DD on TSRX

    OK, did my DD on trius. Looks promising. Vacomycin is losing effectivity on MRSA, TSRX did clinical trial using Linozelid as comparison / standar of care (Lino is more effective than Vancomycin, it seems). DRTX has similar product in pipeline but used Vaco as an initial standard with option to change to Lino after 2 days. I think TSRX is better positioned in terms of effectiveness against MRSA SSI, dosage and treatment period necessary.

    I'm hoping that TSRX cools down a bit to 5 again ... either way I need to go in soon just to set up position for imminent catalyst.


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    • I did much the same (DD that is) and really liked what I saw. Loaded the boats at 5.15 and hoping not to look back. If this one does what it should, $10 should be a slam dunk IMHO, and after that who the heck knows.
      You might get some pullback but don't blow it for .30...LOL!

    • The only pullback you may get on this one is closer to 5.37, the 200 day moving average. The time to buy was after the offering. There won't be anymore possible bad news until data is released the end of March. Technically speaking the 200 day moving average will serve as strong support now at 5.37. Resistance is at 5.63. Once 5.63 breaks, next target is 5.95. We have about 6-7 weeks until data so we could take out the 52 week high at 6.50ish. Don't penny pinch here. The share price will be much higher soon. I estimate the chance of phase 3 success at 85%. Positive data and we see 7.50-8/share.

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    • The DRTX drug is in a different class. TSRX compound TED is low molecular weight and soluble.

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      • tkash0129 Feb 13, 2013 5:47 PM Flag

        Just read something interesting regarding the off-label use of the Lido on seeking alpha. Apparently Lido usage for extended period causes Mitochondrial functional failure, and TED may not have the same issues regarding extended usage (Longer than 28 days). If so the article stated that TED may have a big market that Lido cannot fill. Article also stated that off-label usage of LIDO accounts for 60% of the sales, so if that is truly the case TSRX will have a big unmet need as a extended use medicine.

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    • Why don't you buy a little right here? If it "spikes" then you profit. If it does move back down a little, you can buy more shares at a lower price. 50 cents on the price of the stock won't look like much if the stock moves to $15 or $20. Just my opinion.