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  • tkash0129 Feb 20, 2013 4:12 PM Flag


    OK, not really good for overall economy...but I am still looking for entry point on the TSRX from initial posting.
    Any chance it will go down to 5.10 or so? With this sequestration event looming ahead, who knows?

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    • you really think the Feds will turn off the printing presses? It's political rhetoric at best. How else can they deflate $16T worth of debt without devaluing the dollar? It's become a blinking game. Japan blinked first.
      As to predicting an in, I was buying when TRSX was an easy ride up back in Sept. We where in the 6's then. It's had a downward tragectory since last year in Jan with a slight reversal bfr dilution of $4.75. The low public offer was touted as the company's concerns that the coming "sequestration" event would dampen stock prices and the company's phase 3 results might not ???be able to garner a higher interest. $5 was the bottom and we've gone up since but my guess is a 5% correction could be possible although Brandon would be the expert. Unless of course results are bad...but there is no reason to suspect given positive phase 2

    • i wouldn't penny pinch with this are luck you got a two cent discount with today's market...Results coming in March and this could get partnership soon...JMHO