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  • siamesekitty711 siamesekitty711 Mar 4, 2013 10:37 AM Flag


    creeping up like a beaver pelt trapper toward the IDES. POT stocks look like they got BUSTED.

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    • Kitty, thanks again for the tip on SNTS and TSRX, making a little money on these. Looks like I've got a tough decision tomorrow. I'm expecting a serious pop on SNTS tomorrow morning, then a little slide as the emotions subside. I know that there's continued longterm upside on SNTS, but wondering if I should cash in my profits on SNTS and move deeper on TSRX. This stock looks like it's still fairly undiscovered and has some nice catalysts on the way. You've said before that you don't trade SNTS-- period. My decisions are my own- just curious whether you'd move money out of SNTS for TSRX.

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      • I have way more SNTS, compared to TSRX in dollar terms. 3 times more shares in SNTS than in TSRX. I have to keep it like that for now, SNTS is really increasing revs and earnings. I could see someone possibly selling some SNTS tomorrow to pick up more TSRX. I could see TSRX rising at some point, but when is what is bothering some, here? Think of where each might be during your target timeframe. For me, maybe SNTS could be $20 or better in a year. TSRX could go to $8-10 but it may be rougher and nice for trading, They are just different opportunities. One broad and diversified with good sales and revs, and TSRX, which could make a big splash in the antibiotic space. Hard choice, that is why I have both. Also, trading can cost quite a bit in taxes. I don't trade either of these, so far. Hope this helps, and you figure it out. It is hard, choosing them, sometimes.

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    • CBIScuit, is it getting drained by management. I don't see anything in the pipeline. Beav, please inform, PFE boss is in.

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