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  • siamesekitty711 siamesekitty711 Mar 12, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    Nobody messes with kitty

    I will take command. I am buying this stuff today. See the pop from $6.20 to $6.26. Thank me! Now you guys BUY some TSRX!! The stock is worth what we think it is.

    Charge to the phase III data!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Loving this stock. Saw an opportunity and increased my position 50% yesterday. Only drag is that rebuying at a buck higher than my initial entry drives up my averaged pps. But I believe the double digit talk, so what's a buck?
      Thx again

    • Ain't gonna happen fools! (Sorry, been hanging out in zgnxville too long :-). Don't mean to interject myself into this thread but, seriously, kitty, you are wicked smart with this stuff and I may try and ease my way into your flock and ride with the herd. Most times I won't be able to keep up but it will be good exercise for me. Missed on a lot already but you and the herd have good hunting prowess so there's much more to come I'm sure. Congratulations on running free! Sentiment Disclosure: Lots of catching up to do

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      • Welcome Portly, we investigate all ponds to see if we find some overly cheap ponds to put up a stead on. We also look for ponds under attack, to see if there could be an over reaction. Today, on the menu, we have SPPI. A gunman is killing all the critters there, not sure if it is safe to enter that bloody pond.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • em438 Mar 12, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

      Kitty... you told me to buy snts and now i'm swimming in money...if you buy more TSRX then I'm buying more TSRX. As you wish my lord....see you at 12.

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      • emmer, We can swim together. This pond has a lot of critters. A BEAVER PIE, a chedda cheese ball, a cat, probably some mice, a rat, a dog, and a bunch of feesh. I am having a salmon for din din. There are some with alter personalities like brandon and drandon, don't worry. If you want some crazies, go to PTX board, the SOMX baggies are there now. Great fun!!

        I bought 5000 more TSRX today. 10% increase to my position. I don't lie, emmer, you know me from working in the chem labs and going to project meetings, getting beat on by management to work harder and put compounds in Development, instead of just leaving on our own to do DD and BUY some good drug projects (small pharma/bio stocks). Were learned the ropes, how to look up patents, what are good projects, what look like BS or red flags, etc. Now we invest like silent managers and these guys do all the work. LOL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy