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  • adamzmia1 Apr 5, 2013 7:55 PM Flag

    Buyout and recent developments

    This is pure speculation but here's a thought that came to mind. Recently Trius announced that one of it's board of directors is leaving and another one is being appointed. The one who is leaving is leaving to focus her energies on her other position on the board at GE. The board member who is coming in is a former board member of Johnson and Johnson who retired in 2012. This is pure speculation but I'm thinking that the board member who left has left because a buyout is in the works and knows that they will be replaced if that happens; thus she left to pursue a position that is actually secured. Remeber, her resignation was on the 22nd, a Friday, positive results were released the 25, on monday; I find this timing very odd. The board member who joined just retired in 2012, I think he was chosen because he is willing to serve on the board for the short term until a buyout occurs. It's hard to believe that someone retiring in 2012 wants to get back into action so soon unless it's a position for the short term. Again, this is pure speculation, but anyone have any thoughts?

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    • Nice never know, do you?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • what do you think of the potential competition from products ? durate, medicines company
      i think that is also dragging the price along with generic linezolid? Otherwise it is an easy double from here?

    • Adam
      Nice speculation. But I would not read so much into it.
      However, Trius is a very attractive buyout candidate. With so much focus on super bugs, FDA may approve this early as the trial results are good. This must be on the radar screen of Bayer, Pfizer and Forest and host of others.
      The lady is a full time employee of GE. It is a demanding co. I am surprised they even allowed her an outside directorship. The guy from J&J has a wealth of experience and contacts and is a very good addition to the board. J&J is as international as it gets and a well run company with great products.

      I think Trius is still not well known in the investment community. Other than the VCs I do not see many prominent funds owning it. And few sell side firms (not the big ones) are covering it. They seem to be doing everything right.

      Good luck to all!

    • That's an intelligent observation. Seems valid.
      I wouldn't mind that being true and reaping a quick profit! (I got in at $5.09/share). That way I could reinvest the $$$ in another company I have some $ in right now.. Trius is my largest holding at this time...