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  • rick449 rick449 Apr 23, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    TSRX technicals

    Just to minimize my risk I sold half my position at $6.90. running into resistance here in the $7 range. Lot's of angry longs there.

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    • What, I am not angry. Party getting started at Hodge Podge Lodge Shores today. Free Toddy Time on Beaver Pie!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • @beavertail_splash, that's a good hypothesis.

      I don't believe so personally. The EMEA is a different ball game. I haven't seen any information regarding scientific advice from the EMEA or a QP (from the EMEA) coming in for an inspection of the facilities where they are manufactured. If they have intended European distribution these hurdles would be on the task activities list or we would see something in the presentations about it.

      I personally haven't seen anything regarding the EU market. That would be huge news though. I mean the stock may jump 25% in a single day on news like that.

      Everything right now is pointing to eventual buyout of the technology. I don't believe $TSRX has any plans to take on this themselves. Hence the NDA filing being so late.

      Companies don't just wait to file the NDA unless they know that they plan to sell off the technology.

      Just my 0.02 cents. Take it for what it's worth.

    • Rick don't you think today's news was just a preamble to announcing a European distributor?

    • LOL...Hey I still have a hefty position. Nobody can hate on proper risk management. I am still in for the long haul. Just have to keep to my system. I don't win big or lose big either. I am young 31 years old. I have plenty of time to catch others too.

      Like I said before...there are a ton of angry longs here in the $7s....breaking that 52 week high is gonna be a hard road.

      Sucampo Pharmaceuticals tore it up today! I just sold my position over there too. Needs some rest after today's run.

    • You should have held on but you can always buy back in on the next dip! TSRX is very low risk at this point. Just sit back on the raft like Kitty and wear the sunglasses, drink the margarita and feel the sun on your belly!

    • Bah I did that with both RPRX and ACAD after their recent jumps and wish I hadn't. I think this may break through 7 soon. WSJ article pretty persuasive that FDA is looking to get more antibiotics in the market

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