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  • neurodragon007 neurodragon007 Jun 6, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    HARD $8 showing again after a 8 day hiatus...

    great solid volume yesterday... investors loading up here.. dices rolling out and hard 8 coming out.. after a 8 day hiatus... here we go! TSRX is solid!!

    (this isn't a very intellectual post... sorry latenightlab dude. I am not here to impress anyone with my microscopic technicals but I did attend a U.S. medical school and graduated with summa cum laude.. I do enjoy reading the posts here on this board since many of the longs here have great insights and relevant updated information to share.. I also enjoy the lighthearted comical statements as well.. one can make money and have fun doing so.. don't have to be so serious all the time! haha.. I am a very happy TSRX investor who did my DD and invested substantial amount of my cash money in Trius which has the potential to do some greatness in the infectious disease sector and benefit the society as a whole.. IMO)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • A little out of the blue, but deserves a response I guess. I personally don't mind if people want to fill the board with jokes or comical statements, that was never my issue. The issue I had was that there is a very knee-jerk and abrasive reaction on the board to label any question or conversation that brings up possible long-term pros and cons as "bashing", "trolling", etc. Just the idea that someone could manipulate the price by posting a comment on Yahoo of all places seems rather silly.

      Anyone can look at my history, I've always prefaced my statements by saying that at this price it's an obvious buy and that the avg price targets are an easy grab. Any honest person has to admit that a serious analysis of the long-term prospects of a company HAS to involve both positives and negatives. Lots of people like to have light-hearted conversations here, that's great. Does that mean there isn't room for more long-term conversations as well? Seems silly to think so.

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      • you are 100% correct.. there is plenty of room here at TSRX board for everyone here to have meaningful discussions regarding the potential for a buyout, or progress of tedizolid to approval or updates on the rest of the pipeline as you firmly stated... or it can be fill it with useless posts and the same tired jokes repeatedly as you stated before. It is all good.. some investors get excited over a 0.005% gain while some smile with 7 digit gains.. I am glad you are a TSRX investor and I hope that we can all continue to learn and share meaningful info here on this board as TSRX prosper...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You have me beat. Back in the day I had 3 majors: history, business and Econ. Not a bit of science. That's why I post infrequently and read from those here who are way more knowledgeable.