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  • Sell TSRX and buy GTXI so you can make money

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    • Nope, bad idea. TSRX has little to no downside at this moment. The only "risk" is FDA approval which I don't see TRSX getting a CRL. Then there is Europe which is having an antibiotic crisis currently, which up's the value of TSRX for a partner in Europe or buyout for that matter.

      Also, Cubist is losing patent on Cubicin which is 85% of their revenue (Ted combo fixes this problem) not to mention Pfizer is losing Zyvox rather soon and they have nothing to replace it with.. Bayer already has a large portion of the world, very deep pockets and might just pony up for Europe and/or the company as well.

      Too much upside potential here as I see this as "risk free" currently for a small bio, which is rare.

      However, GTXI will do very well IF they can get FDA approval (which is awhile out still).

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      • I like your argument but tell me would you invest your entire portfolio in this one single stock? Being that it is risk free as you state why not put 100% of your investment into TSRX? That being said you and I very much know there is no such thing as risk free but I agree with your points. I just think GTXI will move in the short term much higher than TSRX but have no ill will towards anyone in TSRX and the kidding aside with Kitty I hope you TSRX peeps do great I just hope mine does better in GTXI.

    • GTXI market cap is slightly bigger than TSRX, and they have to finish trials (when will GTXI potentially file an NDA application?). Why would I sell TSRX to swap? I could buy GTXI, but not at the sacrifice of my TSRX position. I am not saying GTXI won't go higher I am simply saying I will stay with TSRX since they will be filing in several months and I like the odds.

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