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  • rebeccaherbstinvestor_f1 rebeccaherbstinvestor_f1 Jun 18, 2013 7:11 PM Flag

    Is Jim Cramer Losing His Mind?

    A month or so ago someone called in during 'Lightning Round' and asked Cramer about TSRX. He didn't know it and told you caller he would have to get back to him. Well, like 2 or 3 days later he revisited TSRX and said he did some homework and called it a buy.

    Fast forward to tonight's show. Someone called in and asked about TSRX again. Well, tonight Cramer didn't know it again! Never heard of it... Interesting.... Does Cramer have some inside info and is he locked up by the 'quiet period'? Is that why he couldn't say anything?

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    • good...leave US alone Cramer......he is bad news...when he recommends a stock...nothin personal Cramer...we are fine without your worldly wisdom

    • May the 5th he called Trius a buy @ $6.50 or less. It's taken off since then. Now he can't remember what he said. These lightening rounds are all staged side shows made to look like spontaneous call ins. Knew someone that was booked a few weeks bfr his 'live' interaction with the booyah.

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      • I called in once on ZGEN. Cramer liked it at $20, when I called it was $7-8 and he said don't buy. He was right for a period this time, it went lower to the $4's and below. I loaded up and one day, BMS acquired for $9.75, thank you Jesus, that was a big blessing! Cramer has a mixed record in biotech, he's called a few big winners and missed on a few. He does not know enough about the science of biotech, just says what he hears from others and sometimes I think he hears well. Some CEO's use him for pump priming before a secondary.

    • Well, Cramer is Cramer.

      If Trius does get bought out like all the "analyst" are stating, Cramer will make a point of stating when he called it a buy telling everyone he made the call even though today he had no idea. I'm just hoping he didn't give TSRX the kiss of death, he is wrong way more than right.. but again most of are otherwise we would be rich.

      I don't watch the guy, but with all the stocks he covers he is bound to forget many I'm guessing.

    • I just read your reply to my post....too funny. Cramer needs to slow down and smell the roses. The good thing is, he should come back with the same BUY advice. LOL

      Sentiment: Strong Buy