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  • em438 Jul 3, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    dumping the stock for the summer

    if anyone sells the stock here they will buying it back at 10 in September...and the fact that cramer is saying its too hot handle only means a big run is coming for what ever reason and needs the little guy to dump so the bigs can transparent.

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    • Dan Fitzpatrick, another hedge hog shill from the Street said that Kramer's May 3 call was right on when in actuality Kramer said to buy on any pullback below $6.50.(May 3 closing price) The stock continued to rally to $9.50 where if you waited for a lower entry after May 3 you would have missed getting in. Dan also mentioned to set stops in at $7.70 50DMA, so I'm guessing that their hedge fund buddies are planning a bear raid to take it below that number again, cover their short positions and play long. If their advice plays out like the last time we should see another pop soon. Lots of potential news catalysts still out there.

    • I would assume the stock valuation can be based on multiple thought processes. One an approval would probably mean having a product that can generate 500 million to 800 million a year in sales and also with the extra 5 years of market approval that could be an advantage, depending on many things. I would also think the combination of this and Cubist product also helps with MRSA and also I do believe they have a contract with Bayer over in Asia for about 100 million. I would think an approval should place this anywhere above 17 and takeover probably based on 3 times 500 million or so, so about 1.5 billion or more. The beauty is the product is ready to go and will probably have wide appeal over the years, antibiotics can be slow going at first so they may only sell a couple hundred million to half billion for the first 2 to 3 years once again depending on many things but having approval in multiple markets would help and the combination also helps.

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      • em438 Jul 4, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

        Well, Optimer's peak sales were predicted to be 200 million in the US; I believe they got hyped up to a 1 billion dollar market cap at one point. So, TSRX is predicted to have peak sales of 350 million in the US; I would think based on this comparison we should easily get hyped to a 1 billion market cap or $20 a share.

    • I added today a couple of times.

      Happy 4th everyone!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have to agree. Summer may be a slow period for the market, but Sept. things can heat up for young bios.

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      • As ONXX buy-out plays out over the summer with multiple bids for the company.

        TSRX will get positive buy-out potential coverage by many biotech bloggers and investment houses.

        this has placed a floor under the stock most likely around $7.50/ $7.80

        Buy any dip this summer I know I will be a buyer as there is very very little downside risk at this point in the TED FDA approvel cycle.

        A significant summer catalyst will also be a possible EU partnership August timeframe or sooner.

        FDA NDA TED filing in the late fall

        The one thing I do know is this stock is still cheap and the PPS is heading up as events unfold


    • Exactly. Buy and hold to win.

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