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  • bridgejumper08 bridgejumper08 Jul 11, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

    Crazy valuation for a start-up?

    Cramer is worried about a secondary, but a big run. Expect some wild trading.

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    • Why don't you jump already, then you become SPLAT JUMPED?

    • They are going to have to raise cash one way or another before the pdufa date. A partner for Europe would do the trick, but kill hope for a buyout with 2 different partners (unless Bayer wants EU) controlling the everywhere but N. America.

      Given how Stein mentioned how good the FDA has been and then at the JPM conference, the Q and A an EU partner has been "postponed" till the end of year yet mentioned they are in talks.

      I think they may have an offer but countered as the suitor is saying "take the offer, it might get a CRL, then where you going to be?" where Stein is saying "the FDA has walked with us through this process, approval is basically a given" on national television.

      At least that is my reasoning. Why wait for a EU partner and the cash that comes with it knowing you need to hire 150 sales reps for the US and why delay the EMA approval process? If I were the CEO and willing to sell, that is exactly what I'd do to differ the costs the suitor. I'm also of the opinion that Stein doesn't want to run a company and would rather be acquired and be rich now however, I could be totally wrong in my thinking. Either way, I think TED is going to be market winner.

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      • This company is a winner no matter how you slice and dice it. Leading antibiotic desperately needed
        by patients and hospitals, not to mention insurance providers. Solid management. Great trial results with no interaction issues. Ideal company to buy before the end of 2013 to merge with an existing nationwide sales force. Takeover either Q4 of 2013 or Q114 at between $18.50-$22.00 a share.
        In large from $4.60 and not selling one share.

      • I totally agree with you about a buyout. This company will be sold before the end of the year, sooner rather than later. Let's Ride!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Cramer fakez worry prior to zhorting hiz own pumping, aye Bozz? lol