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  • thechange101 thechange101 Jul 26, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    Can you not handle a dissenting opinion?

    I see that my earlier posts were removed. My goal - looking at this holding objectively. All I said was Zyvox dominates, Ted is only incrementally better, going it alone is not what these recent investors want to here, this partnership is no partnership in the sense it's what the longs are expecting (a pill producer to keep samples in supply). Your own longs pointed out that it may be years before Bayer or someone else acquires this stock and the investors here are hoping it will happen in days. What is the big deal? Good luck to all shorts.

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    • terry.booth1 Jul 30, 2013 7:28 AM Flag

      Dissent is one thing; uninformed dissent designed to frighten investors is insidious manipulation.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • olafbenson11 Jul 29, 2013 10:03 PM Flag

      It will take more than wild, ever increasing price predictions, and flame to get this to go up. You want me to argue my position? Ok:
      - Ted is not a quantum leap better than market leading Zyvox, it appears to heal a couple of days faster than Zyvox. Is that a reason enough to switch from a soon to be generic (cheaper) drug? Obamacare will determine that.
      - If Trius marketing plan is as good as its investor relations mkting the company value, you are in huge trouble.
      - Who would really buy this company? Cubist can't too small, Pfizer won't - they will just try to bury Ted and compete on mkt strength they already own. Bayer won't buy sh@t. Trius aint into mkting.
      - Your ir dept sucks. They dont give a rip about the investors. See Prana for good models to file.
      - overbought, no news has changed in this company.

    • What dissenting opinion? Was this a trial court decision? LOL, there is no need for your opinion. We did our DD and like the plans and strategy management has, so we bought shares here. In time our investment in tiny TSRX will pay off. Now, crawl back into your two penny coin rolls and keep loose change to yourself.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Change: Why don;t you try being factual and actually argue your position instead of making cover statements anybody can state and move on from!---lets go deeper into your premise.

      "Its not good enough to say that Zyvox dominates" If TED didn;t have a chance to do better why would TSRX even be in business.

      Because your premise is flawed, incomplete, and not thought out!

      Present the resons Z stays on their perch versus getting knocked off? You do realize I am setting you up for the fall! Take that to the bank!



      Sentiment: Buy

    • Zyvox is not better than TED ! Why are you so darn angry? The info is out there. TED is best in class. 5 day 1 pill dose v 10 day 2 pill dose and yet less side affects - -MUCH !

    • This deal sets up the supply chain using a highly respected manufacturer that has a number of facilities in NA and Europe (14 in total I think). No this is no a deal for sales and marketing with a pharma partner. This sets te stage however for a far better deal with such a partner as manufacturing will be controlled by TSRX and so will a larger share of the ultimate profits. Every piece of a pharma deal you can control instead of giving over to them is a positive return to investors.
      Your #$%$ spin fails to understand what happened as it relates to returns to investors.

    • Mr. theChange101..
      Good luck to all shorts?!?! One needs to do some DD before gambling their money by shorting TSRX..

      I have been in the biotech business for over 20 years as a scientist and over 15 years in the clinical medical setting as a physician specializing in diagnostic and surgical intervention of CNS disorders. During my typical surgical days, I see at least one patient per day with MRSA on my OR table. Unless you are in the trenches fighting diseases daily, one can’t appreciate the magnitude of game changing drugs such as Ted. With its great safety profile, efficacy, better compliance and drug interactions, Ted is peerless. TSRX have a gem with Ted which can help millions of patients. Now with a good supplier in place, TSRX is moving forward and going much higher.

      Good luck to my TSRX longs!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Change: Its easy to dominate over something thats not approved yet! Who says TED is only incrementally better--you do but do you count? I think differently! Doctors may not think so down the road either.

      No this agreement is a partnership as you can;t sell drug without a supply to sell. But no its not a marketing partner with milestones and royalties to give up. Its a part of necessary infrastructure if ya sell it yourself---get it! No have drug--no sell drug!

      Make your bets and quit whining



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    • em438 Jul 26, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

      wait a second...incrementally better? did i hear that correctly? 6 days vs. 10 days on efficacy, almost no neuropathies, and clearly better drug-drug interaction profile. I would not call this incremental...say bye bye to ZYVOX.

    • Zyvox might be close in efficacy, but Ted destroys Zyvox in safety, and has a significant edge in compliance issues. Not to mention that it can be taken with an MAOI. Big picture: Ted is a much better drug. With the right sales team, the market will show this.

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