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  • riguitu33 riguitu33 Jul 31, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    This Stock has #1 Most Bullish Chart, About to Explode!

    CCUR has today's #1 most bullish chart and is about to EXPLODE! CCUR soared to a 52-week high of $8.45 in early February, but then faced resistance at $8-$8.45 from a large profit taker for 6 straight months.

    CCUR attempted to break its resistance many times but failed. After each attempt, CCUR dipped to a higher low than its previous dip. CCUR dipped to a low on 1/30 of $5.78, a low on 4/15 of $5.87, a low on 4/22 of $6.23, a low on 5/25 of $6.51, a low on 6/6 of $6.88, a low on 6/24-6/25 of $7.10, a low on 7/3 of $7.34, a low on 7/16 of $7.42, and a low on 7/25 of $7.53.

    CCUR on Monday rose $0.52 to $8.25 and yesterday hit a new 52-week high of $8.61 before closing at $8.40! In just two days this week CCUR's volume has tripled last week!

    CCUR now has an enterprise value of $51.16 million or just 0.81X trailing revenues of $63.23 million and 9.14X free cash flow of $5.6 million! CCUR's top rival SEAC has an enterprise value of 1.77X trailing revenues and 20.38X free cash flow! CCUR's other rival HLIT has an enterprise value of 1.23X trailing revenues and 12.78X free cash flow!

    CCUR's annual gross margin of 58.2% exceeds SEAC's gross margin of 51.8% and HLIT's gross margin of 46.9%. CCUR's latest quarterly operating margin of 7.3% compares to SEAC's latest quarterly operating margin of negative (5.1%) and HLIT's of negative (14.6%).

    SEAC and HLIT have an average enterprise value/revenue ratio of 1.50, which would value CCUR today at $13.39 - and an average enterprise value/free cash flow ratio of 16.58, which would value CCUR today at $13.16. CCUR could rapidly rise to $13+ in the upcoming days without any major dips! According to Barchart, all 13 short, medium, and long-term technical indicators now rate CCUR a buy! CCUR's dips to higher lows over the past six months have shaken out all weak hands! Only strong shareholders remain who are holding tight for 50% to 100% gains! CCUR pays a HUGE dividend yield of 5.7% after raising its dividend in June by 100%!