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  • bionesteggs bionesteggs Aug 3, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    Better offer at 1.4 billion 23.3 million is Ice Cream change

    No worries either way. Either I get a better offer or I get double my money and cvr. All the lawsuit talk just makes me angry to see the absolute greed. If you got in late that is your fault. I agree the company is worth more but getting tedzolid to market is what I am interested in seeing. Saving lives, shorter stays in the hospital saves people money too. So when you have to have a hospital stay and save thousand because of my folks at Trius be sure to send them your 23$ that the lawyers let you keep while they get millions. Please understand that getting tedzolid to the people who need it should be first and foremost. Money can be fleeting. That feeling I will have when tedzolid is saving lives will trump any amount of money. Wishing everyone happiness and prosperity in the future.

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    • You and I agree. The mgmt got an offer, they accepted and we all made a little money. The lawyers will just cost a lot of money and not add anything of value. The mgmt did what they thought was best and we either have confidence in them or we can sell. As for me, I'm holding and I would rather side with the mgmt then the greedy ambulance chasing lawyers. I have never joined a class action suit and I never will re acquisitions or mergers.

    • Kind of a BS post nesteggs. Usually you're better than that. Annie is right, TED will get to the patients asap.

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    • I think everyone wants that, it's a given, but Greed isn't part of the equation, "What is Fair, Is Fair", the market cap of Cubist increased in one day alone, more than the value of paying the $15.50 outright. Just because you we're one of the lucky ones to get in early, and reap huge profits, doesn't mean you should minimize the poor schlep (millions of them) who are not as astute as you, or lucky, and got in at the 11th hour, also trying to get a fair shake now. But to accuse these people of Greed is quite cavalier...... THE DRUG IS GONNA GET TO THE MARKET ASAP EITHER WAY....

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