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  • extractofhuman extractofhuman Aug 7, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    Quarterly results show why a sale now is best.

    Big cash burn. Substantially lower revenues from Bayer. But I am a long term holder, only the shares I bought in Jan after the secondary will get the short term cap gains. I think the 13.50 plus CVR is a great deal. The go it alone would have been a failure- look what has happened to AMRN. Mngt got greedy there, thinking they could get $25 share. Now the stock is $5. Even ONXX looks like its getting reasonable now- the posters on that board thought they could get $140-160. Now it looks like $130 might be it. Flame all you want, but I will be glad to tender my shares for the Cubist price.

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    • Yea, a big cash burn so they give themselves 5 million shares.
      Really, how much is that worth on the open market.
      5 million x 10$ is 50 million
      Hardly broke aren't they.

    • I can't believe you just compared TSRX to AMRN. Your logic is awful.

    • I'm with you. I knew they didn't have enough cash to make it to FDA much less bring this to market. With 85 employees and no revenue, the burn is fast.

      The real problem was the word got out. We were trading in the 7's and ran all the way to the mid 12's in 3 weeks without a one single "red" day then the buying stopped. I'm guessing there are a lot of "friends and family" who made a lot of money... as did I but my disadvantage was I didn't know it was a lock.

      Anyway, had we been in the 7's and the buyout was announced, everyone would be happy.. the fact that we already ran up before the "number" came out was the buzz kill.

      I'm holding for the CVR's and to see if my 12.50 options turn into something as I picked these up long ago for .33 cents as a buyout bonus. I'm in the money on my options, but 15.50 instead of a the CVR would be much much nicer.

    • extract of human what? phew!!!

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    • Funny how you can see the go it alone as a failure but not the CVR.
      But I guess if that's what you want to believe then hang on till 2016.
      I'm hanging on if only to vote no and possibly for another offer or increased offer from cubist.

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      • What do you mean "hang on until 2016"? I intend to tender my shares(av cost $5) for $13.50. That's a good profit for me- the CVR's I will forget about, until a few years down the road my friendly broker will deposit some moolah into my account. What's that for? Oh yea, those CVR's... Oh and you aren't actually going to get a vote on the matter. Cubist will tender, once they have 50% , the deal is done. I expect the courts will summarily dismiss the frivolous lawsuits. Life will go on.

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