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  • is she going up?
    shouldn't this stock stay around 13.50?

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    • No, the deal is for 13.50 AND a CVR worth up to $2 in 3 years.

    • Osho: Its the speculation around whether this deal in place gets trumped by another. Therefore ya see a little premium to the stated buyout price until its clear whether it happens or not. This is why I hold half even as I think the odds are low for a counter. Anything can happen?

      Then ya also have the down the road fiancial feature---doesn;t appear to be much premium placed on this PPS over that situation!

      The pre-market number could either be because there is substance to another offer OR its a head fake to make ya think one is coming?

      Its thus making this a trader in the interim--look at volume--I suspect trading back and forth is occurring myself! They is making money in the compartmentalized space.

      Yea in a nomal situation this PPS should park itself a few pennies under 13.50 as many friendly (cough) buyouts do. But a couple features to the gambit provide reasons why there is a premium to it currently!

      If a deal is coming, they got three market days tops to bring it some sunshine or its time to re-apportion my investment left here elsewhere! I am giving it a chance to happen even as I doubt it WILL happen!



      Sentiment: Hold