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  • popeyethesailor61 popeyethesailor61 Aug 15, 2013 9:24 PM Flag

    share holders will get a post card in the mail

    personally or from their broker asking to tender. If you tender the broker will chrge a trade fee = their standard fee= and if you tender you will be paid earlier than those who don't. Sometime after 9/11 they will start cashing out and issuing the cvr by oct it should all be done f there is no problems.

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    • Got a post card in the mail from Mrs Alfalski. She's on a discount cruise to Alaska. All she could afford from her recent sellout to that profit hungry developer who got her place up in Pugwash Station for a steal. Apparently the mayor was in on the deal all the time. He recently flew off to his villa lodge in Lake Como.

    • It's my understanding that tendering the offer will not preclude shareholders ability to gain if better terms are reached. It sounds like tendering is a no brainer. Am I missing something? (Serious responses only please).

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      • I contacted etrade and fidelity where I hold shares of TSRX. Here is what they told me: The tender offer apparently has a no fee withdrawal right attached to it so you can tender now, and if you change your mind before Sept. 9 you can always reverse it and get your shares back. And the tendering fee is only charged once CBST actually executes the tender -- just after Sept 9--no matter if you use the withdrawal feature or not--i.e. its a no fee withdrawal so only the final tendering matters. If you tender by or before Sept. 9 you should receive the $13.50/sh within about a week or so--otherwise as other posters have said you will need to wait for the 2nd wave when all of it closes -- in November as I recall before you get your money.

        And, you are correct-tendering the offer does not preclude you from the ability to gain if better terms are reached or if the deal falls through you then get your shares back. So, the question becomes, why not tender now as opposed to Sept 9? You can tender now if you decide you want to use the withdrawal feature through sept. 9 if the stock spikes up for some reason and win more that way---while knowing that you still have the tender terms. Her is why you might want to wait till nearer Sept. 9 to tender: apparently if you tender your shares to CBST now then CBST can see that you have tendered your shares and if they had a legal battle on their hands which was trying to improve the buyout price then can know to some level of certainty (don't know how much certainty given the no fee withdrawal rights) that in a share vote they can count your shares as being on their side. No, it doesn't mean they have your shares yet but probably most people who tender don't use the withdrawal feature or just forget the whole thing and move on. And CBST likely knows that and so they pretty much know how many would fight them in a share vote battle. Essentially, if you wanted to support the lawsuit you should wait till near sept. 9 to tender.

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